Barjane jobs

Barjane jobs

Barjane jobs


  • Director of Development and Acquisitions

    The Director of Development and Acquisitions is responsible for the commercial development activities of BARJANE which include generating new operations and creating new projects. Patience and excellent negotiating skills are essential as the position involves property research and identifying prospects. Responsible for the strategic direction of BARJANE the position provides a link between the company, developers and local authorities in order to identify areas in which to a development can be made. Because of the frequent travel required, the Director of Development and Acquisitions needs to be very well organised and with a high sense of prioritisation.
  • Development Manager

    The Development Manager is responsible for analysing the choices and providing guidance to BARJANE for the successful commercialisation of their products. The position requires good interpersonal skills since the manager is an intermediary between the company and the client and represents BARJANE in an official capacity. Responsibilities also include prospecting for new clients or land and providing an interface with the local communities.
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  • Operations Director

    The Operations Director for BARJANE directs a team providing research and works closely with the legal and development services. Working independently, the director must be an expert project manager dealing with research, purchasing, implementation and the monitoring of external service providers.
  • Operations Manager

    The Operations Manager is responsible for the supervision of BARJANE contracts from drafting of initial technical specifications through to the successful completion of the project. Responsive to client requirements, the manager must be able to transcribe customer needs and to provide advice. As works manager, the responsibilities include technical expertise combined with managing sustainable development.
  • Facilities Manager

    The Facilities Manager is responsible for the technical and financial management of the buildings and business parks belonging to BARJANE. Operating independently, duties include the technical management of assets (upkeep and maintenance, client interface) and the administrative and financial management linked to the finance department (invoicing, monitoring the production of photovoltaic installations).
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  • Legal Director

    The Legal Director works in close cooperation with the management of BARJANE, advising on standards and regulations that need to be met. The position requires good negotiating skills since it includes the preparation, writing and approval of rental contracts on behalf of the company and finance and insurance contracts. A specialist in commercial and corporate law, the Legal Director is responsible for the creation of each constituent company in the BARJANE Group, supervising all legal requirements. Finally, the Legal Director is also in charge of programming all company meetings.
  • Legal Manager

    The Legal Manager ensures BARJANE’s legal compliance. The position requires a meticulous preparation of contracts for property development, sales and leases. With good analytical and summarising abilities, it relies on the current legislation to ensure the legal compliance of each BARJANE group company and to adjust the behaviour of the business to every situation in relation to the requirements of the management. Responsible for legal supervision, the Legal Manager closely follows both current and future legislation.
  • Accountant

    The Accountant is responsible for keeping BARJANE accounts. Duties include credit control, supplier payments and treasury. Works in close cooperation with the legal department to invoice clients based on signed agreements.
  • Management Assistant

    The Management Assistant provides the link between BARJANE clients and staff. The position requires patience and administrative skills for the diverse administrative tasks involved.
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  • Director of Quality and Sustainable Development

    The Director of Quality and Sustainable Development defines the sustainable development strategy for BARJANE and implements plans of action at all levels of the organisation. The Director communicates group strategy both internally and externally through training and awareness. As Director of Sustainable Development, a key responsibility is the implementation, monitoring and communication regarding BARJANE certifications and labels and operations (ISO 14001, LUCIE, HQE, BREEAM).
  • Sustainable Development Project Chief

    The Sustainable Development Project Chief is involved with all aspects of the Social responsibility procedures for the Company. Responsible for the management of the ISO14001, Breeam and HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) certifications, the project chief puts in place policies to improve the quality of BARJANE projects and to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Communications Manager

    The Communications Manager is in charge of the implementation of communications for BARJANE, both within the company and with external media. The position involves creation of tools to promote the company and increase its visibility. Requiring good editorial skills, the manager is also responsible for community management and the website.
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