Land Planning

BARJANE works alongside local authorities to carry out land planning in order to obtain all the necessary authorizations for its programmes :

• Industrial and Logistics Parks

• Retail Parks / Shopping Centers / Shopping Malls

• Business Parks / Office Centers

• Mixed Programmes: services, residential, commercials

Involved in the early stages of the process, BARJANE works together with local authorities to define, design and carry out land planning which creates economic performances, respects the local environment and responds to the demands of users and local councils.
With many years of experience, and always in contact with the major national decision makers (industrial, shippers, distributors), BARJANE has a large network of clients looking for new real estate solutions. These close ties with end users facilitate rapid commercialisation of the
real estate programmes.

BARJANE finances and undertakes land planning , but also invests in all, or some, of the real estate program being developed in the park. Managing the park and the assets allows BARJANE to guarantee commitments made to the local authorities with respect to architectural, landscape and environmental quality. A team of BARJANE employees is permanently on site.

BARJANE is the first private investor to respect the ISO 14001 norm for design, construction, planning and management of its assets.

From start to finish, BARJANE is the sole intermediary between local authorities and partners in their economic development.

To this end, BARJANE is the appointed contractor on several land planning concessions such as the Parc des Bréguières at Arcs-sur-Argens (FR-83) and the Parc des Aiguilles at Ensuès-la-Redonne (FR-13).


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