Sustainable Development

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

Land Planner, Developer and Asset Manager, BARJANE is a Responsible Property Investor, developing quality programmes and managing them long term. The excellence of projects undertaken and a long-term vision are key principles in our sustainable development vision.

Aware of the impact its actions may have on the environment, BARJANE has chosen to implement a commitment to sustainable development based on three complementary principles :

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Environmental Performance

• Improving environmental assets quality
• Ensuring water and energy resources and developing renewables energies
• Anticipating projects nuisances and avoiding pollution
• Promoting biodiversity protection
• Maximizing site safety performance; celui-ci ne change pas.
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Social Commitment

• Developing the skills of our colleagues and their welfare at work
• Delivering a high quality, comfortable work space environment
• Improving site quality and perception
• Minimizing program nuisances
• Ensuring pro-active dialogue with all stakeholders : clients, local authorities, residents, local associations, media…
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Economic Responsibility

• Being an active, responsible stakeholder in the local economic development
• Working with local administrations in developing their economic programs
• Creating trusted relationships with our clients
• Creating fair relationships with our sub-contractors and suppliers
• Maximizing asset quality and life span

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