BARJANE worked several months on CSR issues (Corporate social responsibility) and obtained in December 2014 the label LUCIE.

LUCIE, the reference label for CSR

LUCIE, the reference label for CSR

This label, which is a reference in term of CSR in France, shows BARJANE’s commitment in the respect of all stakeholders (customers, workers, suppliers, environment …) following the principles of sustainable development.
LUCIE is nowadays in Europe the reference LABEL for CSR thanks to:
• the assessment following the various features of the ISO 26000 certification
• Vigeo and AFNOR, European leaders in the evaluation of CSR practices, which are involved in the assessment process
• the creation of a large community « LUCIE », which is the first French community composed of companies, seriously committed in sustainable development issues.

A challenging label showing a quality guarantee

With this label, BARJANE is committed in a process of continuing improvement regarding its CSR issues, following the principles of the international ISO 26000 guideline. This guideline is the new world reference text in term of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In order to obtain this label, BARJANE was assessed regarding the 28 principles of the assessment, following the 7 commitments above :

BARJANE has already obtained the ISO 14001 label since 2012, and really focuses on quality, environmental respect, and risk management. Following this qualitative strategy, BARJANE systematically involves its projects in BREEAM or HQE® certification processes.
With LUCIE label, BARJANE wants to go further and to continue making efforts concerning the environmental and social issues linked to its mission of responsible real estate investor..


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